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Downloadable Assessment Resources

Click any of the links below to download them. Anyone is free to use, share, and modify these resources.

     * New Assessment Chart (sample version) - A simpler way to track your student learning outcomes, assessment curriculum map, and Music unit course rotation calendar, all in one place; this sample version has been filled out for you.

     * New Assessment Chart (blank version) - A blank version of the above chart; build your own from scratch!

2016 Higher Education Music Assessment Practices Survey

NOTE: The survey below is no longer active as of June 9, 2016. A revised version may be implemented in the future.

The following survey was intended to gather more information about music assessment practices at colleges and universities in the U.S. It covered topics such as the personnel involved, what areas are assessed, how assessment data is used, and how effective assessment plans are in improving student learning.

     Link to complete the survey. (no longer active as of June 9, 2016)

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