I am working on the following projects, among others:

I also write Reviews and a Blog

Note Icon [Title TBD] - a collaborative, devised theater project about destruction myths.

Note Icon CC21 (working title) - A professional development experiment using Creative Commons. The goal: get my music performed in 21 states, in 21 weeks. Begins 05/30/11, ends 10/15/11. Each composition will be released under a Creative Commons license, allowing free distribution of the sheet music. More details here.

Note Icon Contemplate a Tangled Bank - a pair of 5-minute orchestra pieces commemorating the 200th anniversary of the births of Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln, both born February 12, 1809. (back burner project)

Note Icon Metastasio - an opera loosely based on the extraordinary life of Baroque-era poet and librettist Pietro Metastasio. (back burner project)

* I am always interested in working on collaborative and/or multi-disciplinary projects, as well as custom-made commissions. Check out Meet the Composers' Publications Page for more information on commissions.

* I am beginning work on a public resource of music theory and aural skills worksheets for use in classrooms. While many fine ear training exercises and theory concept modules exist online, there is still a need for a body of classroom-ready PDFs for use by teachers and self-guided students who simply need more practice material, particularly for intermediate and advanced subjects that cannot be covered by the prevailing online multiple-choice format. I am considering making this resource freely available to all interested parties, and would appreciate any feedback.

* I am still interested in the long-planned online music theory textbook in the works over at Musopen.com. Visit the textbook project page, and also check out its collections of public domain sheet music and audio files.

* My research interests include theoretical and analytical studies of early music (especially Ockeghem), as well as analyses of post-1900 opera and music theater.

* I am also mildly obsessed with the theremin, a fascinating electronic instrument. Check it out in action on Youtube: Rachmaninoff's Vocalise, and Gnarls Barkley's Crazy. (I got the Moog Etherwave Standard for Christmas - best gift EVER! - and am now slowly teaching myself how to make worthwhile sounds with it! Return to my Home page to find a couple more theremin video links.)

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