(Picture by Callynth Photography)

I am a composer and educator, originally from South Dakota, and currently living and working in Tyler, TX.

I am passionate about composing music that tells stories relevant to contemporary society. I collaborate with musicians, poets, playwrights, directors, and dancers, among others, to create intimate stage, vocal, and chamber works that grapple with ideas and social issues important to me. Composition is my primary creative outlet and my deepest way of interacting with the world around me.

I am passionate about making high-quality education available to as many people as possible, especially in my areas of focus: music theory and composition. I advocate for college affordability and for the widespread creation and adoption of open educational resources.

I am passionate about music. A few of my favorite art music composers include John Adams, Samuel Barber, Béla Bartók, William Bolcom, Benjamin Britten, John Cage, Jake Heggie, Caroline Shaw, Dmitri Shostakovich, and Igor Stravinsky. My current Spotify playlists include albums by The Beach Boys, Beck, Béla Fleck, Counting Crows, Creedence Clearwater Revival, David Bowie, Foo Fighters, George Strait, John Mayer, Kendrick Lamar, The Police, Radiohead, Steam Powered Giraffe, Steve Martin, and Stevie Wonder, among others.

I am passionate about ultimate frisbee. I’ve played since January of 2003 in pickup games, leagues, college division, and local and national tournaments, in nearly every place I’ve lived, including Minnesota, D.C., Hawaii, and Texas. I was sidelined with an injury since 2016, but I can still occasionally be found out on the field.

I am passionate about amateur homebrewing. I’ve brewed 41 batches since I began in early 2012 – mostly ales, but also a handful of lagers. Crowd favorites have included my Three Pups Honey Kölsch with Plum, Ollie Ball Lager (Czech pilsner), and Orange Creamsicle Ale. My favorite styles to drink are Czech pilsners, golden ales, and pale ales. Let me know if you have any questions or requests!

I am passionate about my beautiful and brilliant wife, Terra Gullings, and our two dogs, Ollie and Buddy.

What are you passionate about? Contact me to let me know.