A Happy Routine

for guitar quartet
(2013) 5′

Image courtesy of user “James DeMers” on pixabay.com
CC0 1.0 Universal (CC0 1.0) – Public Domain Dedication


This video was recorded March 1, 2014, at First Presbyterian Church in Tyler, TX. Performers include The University of Texas at Tyler Guitar Ensemble, under the direction of Dr. Ronald Sherrod:

  • Luke Garrigus
  • Michael Olson
  • Kurt White
  • Dave Matthews

Score: A Happy Routine

Program Notes:
Like many of my compositions, A Happy Routine was written with a mind toward educational purposes as well as performance. First, it is aimed toward an undergraduate guitar studio looking to add a contemporary selection to their repertoire. The quick tempo, highly syncopated rhythms, and wide dynamic changes make ensemble cohesiveness an entertaining challenge. This lively work contains a variety of changing textures and roles (melodic vs. accompanimental) for each player, and a harmonic palette of extended tonality that will challenge the technical skill and theory knowledge of intermediate classical guitarists. A Happy Routine was also written as a sample analysis for an upper-division class on musical form. See if you can notice the overall form and important key areas of the piece as you listen!


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