JPL Sonata

for Bb trumpet and piano
(2017) 15′

Image courtesy of user “NASA on The Commons” on
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  • I. Kepler-16b: Where Your Shadow Always Has Company
  • II. Titan: Ride the Tides through the Throat of Kraken
  • III. PSO J318.5-22: Where the Nightlife Never Ends

Recording: (not available)

Score: JPL Sonata

Program Notes:
My JPL Sonata is inspired by Visions of the Future, a series of futuristic space tourism posters created by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), which conducts robotic space and Earth science missions. Recalling the art style of the 1930’s WPA posters, the collection facetiously advertises trips to such exotic destinations as Europa and HD 40307g, and ignites the viewer’s imagination in the process.

This work is dedicated to the idea that humanity is not yet done exploring. It was composed for my colleague and friend, trumpeter Dr. Jeremy McBain, and premiered by him and pianist Vicki Conway.


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