Letting Myself In

for soprano and piano
(2015) 15′

Image courtesy of user “Ralph Nordenhold” on flickr.com
Public Domain Mark 1.0

Text by Anne McCrady.

  • I. We Arrive as Strangers
  • II. Homesteading
  • III. Too New to Each Other
  • IV. Sunday in the House He Left
  • V. Promise

The playlist below contains multiple movements. (Movements 3 and 5.)
Click the “next chapter” icon to advance, or select a scene from the playlist on the top left.

This video was recorded February 5, 2015, at The University of Texas at Tyler’s Braithwaite Recital Hall. Performers include:

  • Sooah Park, soprano
  • Vicki Conway, piano

Score: Letting Myself In

Program Notes:
* The poems appearing in Letting Myself In are published by Dos Gatos Press (2013).

While the five poems are scattered throughout Texas poet Anne McCrady’s book Letting Myself In, they come together in this cycle to tell the story of a romantic relationship that begins, flourishes, falters, and eventually vanishes, leaving one half of that couple bewildered and searching for stability and meaning. In the end, this is a story about convincing yourself, after a major disruption to your life’s story, to “take out a clean canvas” and begin crafting the next chapter.

Anne McCrady’s website: http://www.inspiritry.com/

This work was composed for soprano Sooah Park and pianist Vicki Conway, who premiered it in Tyler, TX, in 2015.

For more information on the text, contact me, or visit www.inspiritry.com.


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